Needs and Options Review

Robert A. Phillips, PBD
Professional Building Designer, AIBD
Designer & Principal at PD&D
Secure Home & Shelter Specialist

Your home is a big investment and before you start your new construction project you will want to reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary construction cost, design fees, and project delays. Especially with a large project such as a secure home and/ or bunker.

You also need the right designer who has the right skills and experience for your new secure home project and there is a right ‘fit’ between you and your designer…..This may or not be me!

In our experience the best way of finding out whether we are the right ‘fit’ is to fully understand what you are looking for; and this is achieved through our Needs and Options Review. The additional benefit is that our findings in our Needs and Options Review reduces your risk and gives you peace of mind as you move forward.

Just as you would not expect your doctor to prescribe a medication for you without first diagnosing your illness, likewise it is very risky to begin design without first establishing your project’s unique objectives and parameters.

When considering constructing your new Secure Home, our Needs and Options Review with Robert A. Phillips, at PD&D is your first step. Why…? From our Needs and Options Review you will get the following:

  • Obtain an experts opinion on the feasibility of the project, one who is skilled in the type of project you’refacing
  • Full Risk Assessment
  • An outline brief for a Protection Program
  • An outline brief describing functions, uses, and spaces required
  • Thoroughly examine your chosen site, it’s surroundings and identify any regulatory issues
  • If you have not chosen a site yet – Provide suggested locations based on your work, living, protection program, risk assessment, etc.
  • Discuss the look and feel of a potential scheme
  • Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • Identify potential solutions in outline form
  • Prepare a conceptual budget for the project
  • Prepare a preliminary schedule for the project
  • Production of report including the above
  • All travel prices included in price for any location within 50 miles of PD&D Offices in Paige, TX (other areas beyond this area are priced at ‘cost’)
  • Report includes schedule of services and fee proposal on next stages of project

If for some reason we discover that we are not an ideal fit then you are free to take the report to another designer for them to continue the process.

To get started with a Needs and Options Review, do the following.

  1. Print out the Needs and Options Review Form PDF file below by following the link.
  2. Fill out the Needs and Options Review form, scan it and email to PD&D per the instructions in the form.
  3. Click on the link below “Schedule a Needs and Options Review”. This will take you to our automated appointment scheduling software. You will then be able to select a date and time to meet with Mr. Phillips. Emails will follow.

Note: Make sure we have received and processed your payment of $625.00 if you are mailing a check or that your credit card has been processed before Step 3 above.