PD&D is a Professional Building Design Firm specializing in luxury homes, secure homes and shelters/bunkers. We offer services throughout Texas and the U.S. and are based in the Austin – San Marcus metro area located in Paige, TX just outside of Bastrop.

We offer our clients a large array of design services to choose from. No matter whether you are an individual or a home builder, a design that will fit your specific needs will be created.


Our mission at PD&D is to provide our clients with their dream home. We want to provide you with a creative, energy-efficient, and functional home design that is comfortable and fun to live in. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients’ needs, preferences and desires, interpret these and then transform it all into beautiful and comfortable homes. The design will, in the end, give you a custom home design that is unique and reflects your lifestyle and personality.


Our design philosophy is always to supply you, the client, with an innovative, attractive, as well as functional home design that delivers relaxed and enjoyable living. The design will provide you with a custom home design which is one of a kind, and reflects your own lifestyle and individuality.


PD&D was founded by Robert Phillips, AIBD in 2004. As your designer/draftsman having an incredibly wide range of experience, I will complete your project from start to finish with all elements covered and resolved. With over 26 years’ experience in construction and 24 years in design, I have the in-depth expertise required to make your dream home a reality.

I grew up and was educated in west Texas and have lived in several parts of the United States. With my diverse cultural and professional experience coupled with my local expertise in Texas, forms my innovative problem-solving skills and limit-less, sensible creative talent. I have worked on a wide variety of commercial, public, vocational, and residential projects in different parts of the country before I started my own design firm in 2004. I enjoy designing in an array of architectural styles that stems from my love of architecture and includes: Texas Hill Country, Modern, Country, Ranch, Mediterranean, and Tuscan often combined creating a very unique designed home. Nonetheless here at PD&D we do not restrict ourselves to these styles and are frequently excited to take on the challenge of different architectural styles. However these styles are not exclusive within PD&D, the challenge of other design styles are always eagerly accepted.