Process: Service Option #1

Working with PD&D as your Home Designer, your dreams and ideas are transformed into a refined design and then into a complete set of construction documents that accurately reflect the scope of the project. This step-by-step process is outlined below.

1.) Initial Contact:
You make initial contact by calling or emailing PD&D about your interest in our firm. During this initial contact we will schedule an Interview Meeting.

2.) Interview Meeting:

The Interview meeting is the first meeting between Designer and Client. This meeting is really just an interview and fact finding meeting for the Client to gather information on PD&D, our process, and our fees to determine if we are a right fit with each other. The Programming process is began during this meeting as we gather information on the Client’s wants, needs, and goals; however, most of the Programming occurs in a second meeting. This meeting usually last no more than 1-hour. This meeting is usually done at your current home or a mutually agreed to location in Bastrop, TX.

We request that you either send ahead or bring to the Interview the following information if you already have it. If you do not have it we can help you obtain this information once we have signed a contract.

  • Property Survey
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Title Policy, Schedule B
  • Basic Design Information for your new home

During this meeting you will receive our Client Package that will help aid you in the design process whether you choose to work with PD&D or another design firm. Our Client Package includes the following:

  • Client Application
  • New Home Design Questionnaire
Phase One: Programming Meetings

3.) Programming Meeting:

This is our Programming meeting where we define the needs and wants of our client, basically your “wish list”. Prior to this meeting we will have you and your family, fill out our “New Home Design Questionnaire”. We will also ask that you bring any pictures you can find in books, magazines, etc. that illustrate the character and ideas of the home you want to create both inside and out.

During this meeting a budget will be established for your new home. It is also very important that couples both attend this programming meeting along with the subsequent Schematic Design meetings. When designing your home we like to have input from both parties as even in the best of relationships there are different opinions and views that we want to make sure are addressed at the beginning of the Design Process.

This meeting is schedule sometimes to be done at your future home site or your current home if you prefer. This programming meeting helps by allowing you to discuss more about your project and to ask further questions along with allowing Mr. Phillips to gather more information about you and your project.

Once we have researched your site, project and established the level of detail required to create your construction documents we will put together your “Project Package”. In this package you will receive a proposal showing our fees, structure of the project, and time line for your review along with other details on your project. We will email your “Project Package” to you usually within 48 hours. We can then set up the next meeting or do a meeting by phone if you prefer.

4) Project Package Meeting:
The next meeting you will meet with Mr. Phillips where he will explain the Project Package you have received. This package will include all the specific key points from our programming meetings, information such as permitting, zoning, HOA rules & regulations applicable, proposed design services project schedule, and a proposal for our services.

To begin designing your project we will require the signed proposal and an initial retainer which is 25% of the total estimated fees.

Phase Two: Schematic Design and Design Development Phase

5) Schematic Design and Design Development:

With this service option we combine schematic design and design development because if you have chosen this option you are already working with a full service builder who is available and helping with decisions on materials, square footage, etc.  You will typically receive PDF’s by email throughout this process. Most meetings are done by phone or through email during this phase. Several owner/ builder/ designer meetings are typical during this phase to make decisions and determine a direction for the design to evolve. This phase will typically average about 6-8 weeks but can take longer.

At the end of this phase it is common to have the following documents:

  • Site Plan: A drawing depicting the buildings location on the site and zoning regulations (if required).
  • Floor Plans: Drawings of each floor showing the size and locations of the various rooms/functions.
  • Key Elevations: Drawings of appropriate building sides (elevations) to convey conceptual design direction for the project.
  • Key Sections: Building cut through drawings depicting the heights and relationships of the various floors and roof.
  • Preliminary Cost: A rough estimate of the cost of construction based on the current building design done by your builder.

Before the end of this phase the following will be addressed.

  • finalizing the size of the rooms and spaces
  • refining the look
  • selecting materials
  • deciding on door and window types and locations
  • lay out of HVAC and structural components
  • develop interior and exterior finishes
  • hardware, lighting and accessory selection
  • fixture and appliance selection

At your request we can also provide exterior and interior perspective renderings, a scale study model of the design, 3-D exterior walk around, and/or 3-D walk-throughs. The goal here is for you to fully understand the proposed design and to make any possible alterations. There are of course additional fees to do.

Once you have approved the Design, a second retainer of 25% of the total fee will be required to proceed. Any major changes such as moving walls, adding or removing square feet, etc. at the end of this phase may be considered a change order which may incur additional fees.

Phase Four: Construction Documents

6) Construction Documents
The Construction Documents Phase involves adding a level of detail and technical information to the Design Documents so a contractor has a set of instructions to build the project as designed. It will occasionally include selecting and finalizing interior finishes, plumbing fixtures, appliances and decorative light fixtures that was not completed in Design Development. This phase is when the designer and consultants work through the technical aspects of the project.

Final drawings are prepared for your approval. A completed construction document set is highly technical and extensive. The following are the typical plans included in our construction documents for Service Option #1.

  • Cover Sheet
  • Site plan (when required)
  • Foundation Plan (Engineered by others)
  • Floor plan(s)
  • Roof Plan
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building sections (when required)
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan (when required)
  • Details & Wall Sections (when required)
  • Electrical plan(s)

Once you have approved the Construction Documents, another retainer of 25% of the total fee will be required to proceed. Construction Documents Phase typically takes 3-6 weeks.

Phase Five: Final Review and Permitting

7.) Final Review and Permitting

We will send you a Final Review set in PDF format to confirm that all previous mark-ups have been completed and your house plans are ready for construction.

During this phase the project is submitted to the local building department (when applicable) for a plan check, which is the process by which city agencies review the submitted documents for compliance to the zoning and regulation codes. The owner will be required to pay a fee to the city when the documents are submitted. The time frame varies depending on your project’s size, complexity and the speed of the local jurisdiction. The plans are also submitted to HOA for final approval when applicable.

This phase will typically take 2-8 weeks with the lengthier time being in municipal permitting approval. Often your builder for take care of permitting during this phase but PD&D is of course still available for any issues that may arise.

At completion of this phase our final invoice of the remaining 25% is due and payable.

About Us

We are a Professional Building Design Firm specializing in Residential Design of Luxury Homes and ICF Homes. We love residential architecture and believe through design is the only way to create your dream home. We are not architects, Mr. Phillips, our lead designer is a Professional Building Designer (P.B.D.) registered with the A.I.B.D. We are located just outside of Bastrop & Austin, TX but offer our design services throughout the state of Texas and most other states.

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