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PD&D Luxury Home with Pool at Sunset
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Planning is the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed. Planning can be done as a standalone service, or part of our full service.

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Schematic Design

Using the program established in the planning phase of work we create Schematic Designs. This is the conceptually diagram or plans of the proposed project

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Design Development

Design Development is the refinement of the client’s approved Schematic Design.

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Construction Documents

Construction Documents  involves adding a level of detail and technical information to the Design Documents so a contractor has a set of instructions to build the project as designed.

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Review and Permitting

This is the process of submitting the project to review boards and for building permits. Typically includes submittals to HOA’s, informal negotiation with regulators, etc. to make sure your project happens.

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We assist in distributing bid packages to builders, answer questions during the bid period and help in the analysis of the bid proposals and guiding you on the submitted bids and awarding a bid to the selected builder.

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Project Management

This is where we help you manage the project during construction. This typically includes construction site visits, reviews of contractor submittals, review & process of contractor’s pay requests, review on the progress of the construction, etc.

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We can work as your consultant for best type/ form of construction for your project, guide you on “high performance” construction, guide you in selection of materials, colors, specialty products, etc. This can be a standalone service or is included in our full services.

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Structural Engineering

We work with numerous MEP, Soil, and Structural Engineers. We help direct and manage these consultants on your projects..

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Interior Design

We work with numerous Interior Designers and can help direct and manage these consultants on your projects.


PD&D Contemporary Style Luxury Home

While all homes should provide comfort and function, a luxury home surpasses these basic purposes and offers much more flair. The possibilities to make your new luxury home distinguishable are endless. 

PD&D country residence

Ranch design or Estate design is services that typically encompass the design of several projects into one. It can include but not limited to, main home, guest house, swimming pool, pool houses, entertainment buildings, outbuildings, and entire site layout.

We also offer

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